Thursday, 10 November 2016

Winter is here...let's buy a boat

One day, I tried to convince my wife to let me buy a boat in the Caribbean. I used all my persuasive arts, but sadly to no avail. Convinced that I would never have the chance to live the dream, I fell into a funk.

But then something she said struck me. She simply did not want to leave Norway. And why should she? It is a great place to live and work, and it has some wonderful things to offer. Not, it has to be said, a great deal of warm weather, but if you can get past that issue, there are amazing opportunities here.

So I began to think. Maybe my dream of getting back onto the water need not die. What if I bought a boat in Norway? And the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea.

Once again I broached the subject, fully expecting a similar denial from she who must be obeyed. But to my utter astonishment, she was enthusiastic. Suspecting a trick of some kind, I showed her some boats for sale locally, and she was dismissive of them.

Aha! I knew it. She was not really interested at all. She just wanted to placate me, then shoot me down.

I was wrong. She simply did not want something that needed a lot of work. She wanted new. She wanted shiny.

Who am I to argue? I started looking at more expensive boats. Suddenly, it seemed as if my dream could very well be realised. But with winter coming, what was the point? As soon as it gets cold, no one actually sails. Do they?

But I would not be deterred. We looked at more boats online, then we started to look at them in marinas. We went aboard, and pushed and prodded and pulled things. But nothing seemed to fit the bill...

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